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Family & Newborn Photography: Leicestershire photographer

UK & Destination Wedding Photography: Leicestershire photographer

Studio & Outdoor Pet Photography: Leicestershire photographer

Leicestershire photographer. 22 Century. I like to make each image as special and meaningful for the person who is having their moment frozen in time. I love nothing more than capturing colours with happiness pouring off them and being able to give the gift of story telling in a single snapshot.

Why Choose Jennifer Amy Photography?

What Makes Me Different

Jennifer Jenkins, Jennifer Amy Photography, Leicestershire photographer

I’m Jenn, creator of Jennifer Amy Photography!
If you’re looking for a fun photography experience and some memories to treasure forever, whether it be wedding photography, newborn and family photography or pet photography- I’m your girl!

I thrive on happy moments and love to be able to share so many of them with couples, families and their gorgeous pets too.

Having studied photography at university and had my own photography business for many years now I know the industry well. I know what works and what doesn’t and how to create the best images for you!

I provide images that truly represent you, they are timeless and not something that will be out of fashion in a few years!

Wedding photography is truly a labour of love and I absolutely adore being a part of your special day! I aim to capture the unique story of each couple.

The moments that we capture with our families are some of the most precious memories in life, treasure those forever with professional photography.

Capture your pets personality in time.
Pet photography is a great way to show off their personality to friends and family, by creating beautiful portraits you can cherish your fur-babies forever.

Here for every precious moment during your story

Specialising in Wedding, Family,
Newborn & Pet Photography

There’s something special about photography and the ability to capture a moment in time that you can never get back to. That’s why I love wedding, family, newborn, and pet photography. It’s a way to preserve those precious moments for years to come. Each wedding is unique and each family has their own dynamic. I aim to capture that in my photos. The same goes for newborns, everyday they grow and change just a little bit, and before you know it they’re all grown up. That’s why I think photography is so important; it allows us to hold onto those fleeting moments and cherish them for a lifetime.

Have something a little different in mind?

I do like to think outside the box & venture into other areas too...

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